Doing good is something normal. We improve the lives of those in need, we drive change in the communities we support.

About Vodafone Romania Foundation Manifest

What do we do?

The Vodafone Romania Foundation is a Romanian non-governmental organization
heavily involved in disadvantaged communities throughout Romania.
Areas of involvement

We support the promotion of education, modernization and efficiency of health services, combating poverty among families and the elderly, volunteering and more.

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Strategic programmes

We intervene in the community through a series of individual projects implemented directly in the community or by financing programmes carried out in partnership with local NGOs.

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We financed over 1,168 programs in various fields, thus investing over 31 million EUR in projects carried out by partner non-profit organizations.

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We cultivate and sustain long-term partnerships based on professionalism, principles and common values.

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Figures and good deeds

over € 2 millioninvested annually in communities across Romania
tens of thousandsof children, elderly, sick or disabled people benefit annually from the projects developed by the Foundation
almost 1.800 volunteer employeesof Vodafone Romania are involved each year in the projects developed by the Foundation
nearly 600 Vodafone employeesdonate monthly from their salary for the benefit of the Foundation
over 50 non-profit organizations are supported annuallyin an effort to give to the poor, the sick, those just setting out, a chance at a better life
hundreds of hoursof volunteering dedicated to vulnerable people

Press Releases

All press releases
873 letters addressed to Santa Claus uploaded to the dedicated free management platform

Bucharest, December 23, 2020 - Although we are at the end of a year that has proved difficult in many ways, kind-hearted people have found the time and energy to set in motion the magic of Christmas. Organizat...

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99% graduation rate among students and improved school attendance after three years of „Investment in Rural Areas”

12 „School after School” centers attended by nearly 700 students during a period of three years Program targeting the vulnerable communities in the rural area: students, teachers, parents, but also ...

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First results of the Corona-AI study obtained in record time thanks to the DreamLab app

DreamLab users have helped Imperial College London complete Phase 1 of its Corona-AI research project in only six months. Research pinpoints molecules in everyday plant-based foods which have anti-viral ...

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The “Almost Adult” project prepares young people in the child support system for an independent life

Bucharest, December 3rd, 2020 - The„Almost Adult” project conducted by The Social Incubator Association prepares young people between 18 and 26 years old, in the child support system, for better social and ...

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DreamLab enables Imperial College London to accelerate search for drugs and ‘Hyperfoods’ that could potentially help those with COVID-19

DreamLab users have helped Imperial College London complete Phase 1 of its Corona-AI research project in only six months, pinpointing molecules in everyday plant-based foods which have anti-viral properties, an...

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The team at HOSPICE Casa Speranței offers home care for patients with oncological diseases

Bucharest, November 11th, 2020 – Vodafone Romania Foundation will be funding the activity of the multidisciplinary home care team of HOSPICE Casa Speranței Foundation Brașov, for the amount of RON 114,000,...

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