ACUUM – Application for Fixed and Mobile Medical Offices

de: Fundaţia Vodafone România January 21, 2019

Partner: Merci Charity Boutique
Beneficiaries: 550 children aged 5-14 from rural areas and / or children with oncological diseases
Location: National
Launch Year: September 2018
Budget: 166,000 lei

Purpose: to create a map of the health needs of the rural population and to continue providing free prophylaxis and dental treatment to rural children and to children with oncological diseases.


In 2017, the Merci Charity Boutique Association created the first mobile dental office in Romania and advocated for a legislation related to the authorization and operation of mobile medical practices which resulted in the Ministry of Health Order 606 / 07.05.2018. As a result, any mobile dental office may legally provide dental treatment and any mobile medical office in Romania is licensed to carry out its activities (blood sampling, ultrasound investigation, mobile mammography scans etc.). Prior to starting the field work required to provide dental prophylaxis and to document the actual situation in the countryside, the Association gathered information on the current oral health status in Romania (number of dental offices existing in the countryside, number of dentists / 1,000 inhabitants, oral hygiene of the Romanians, surveys on how dental diseases influence the general health of the people). The conclusion is that the latest official data available (year 2015) does not reflect the real status and that the reality is much worse.


– Develop the ACUUM mobile application, designed to help enter data about patients and about existing health infrastructure, healthcare needs of the rural population and mobile medical offices already in place;
– Continue to provide free dental prophylaxis and dental treatment services to children from villages and to children with oncological diseases;
– Formulate a plan for the development of mobile medical offices in the targeted regions and inform authorities about dental interventions in rural communities.

Expected results:

– Making the ACUMM application available to other medical offices;
– 550 children from 12 villages and from the Fundeni Oncology Institute will benefit from free dental prophylaxis and treatment;
– The launch of the “My First Toothpaste and Toothbrush” campaign for effective oral prophylaxis, in partnership with the Romanian Ministry of Health.

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