Technology for children with hearing impairment 1

Project: ”Hearing is a Gift. Do not ignore it! 1”
Partner: Asociația Smiling Faces
Beneficiaries: Children suspected of hearing loss and their caregivers
Location: National
Year of launch: 2016
Budget: 180,000 lei

Purpose of the project:

Educate the population to become aware of the importance of postnatal auricular screening and high-performance hearing tests, designed to diagnose hearing loss in children, including the importance of appropriate treatment of hearing conditions.


Statistical data shows that 3 in 1,000 children are born deaf.

Only 17 maternity hospitals in Romania are fitted with the necessary equipment for testing baby’s hearing after birth. Children with hearing impairment are detected late and do not receive the necessary treatment for their condition.

In Romania, the age at which hearing loss in children is detected ranges between 3 and 5 years old. Hearing loss limits the child’s access to the world, affecting his or her entire cognitive development.


Establish an Audiology Laboratory at the Otolaryngology Department of the Victor Gomoiu Children’s Hospital, to perform high-standard hearing tests in newborns and children and to enable the precision diagnosis of hearing loss in children from a very young age and their reference to subsequent treatment.

Early diagnosis and adequate prosthesis can provide absolutely normal verbal, cognitive and emotional development of hearing-impaired children.


507 patients, aged between a few days and 18 years, were subjected to audiometric tests, using the advanced devices purchased for this purpose.
More than 2,000 people were informed about the diagnosis of hearing loss.
100 doctors received material and information about the services provided by the project.
A procedure was established, facilitating cooperation among maternity doctors/ family doctors, ENT doctors and audiologists.