Build for Tomorrow

Beneficiaries: Young families with children living in inadequate conditions and struggling with major financial difficulties
Location: national
Launch year: 2007
Budget: RON 6,417,000


In recent years, according to government sources, the need for new homes in Romania has stood at 1,000,000 homes. In light of the new socio-economic conditions, it is estimated that a total of 150,000 families in Romania live in inhumane conditions, without access to a simple, decent and healthy home. Habitation in decent conditions is a fundamental human right and every Romanian should live in a safe and decent home.


The Vodafone Romania Foundation supports – financially and through volunteers – the construction of social houses. Together with its partners, the Vodafone Romania Foundation has managed to build a real model of social involvement, has managed to change mentalities and, undoubtedly, the destinies of many people in Romania who had lost hope in a better life.


For one week, every year, about 300 volunteers, employees of Vodafone, work on a construction site to build homes for poor, homeless families.

The beneficiaries of these houses are mostly young families, with children, who live in inadequate conditions in small and crowded homes (cellars, improvised spaces, studios) and struggle with major financial difficulties.

The Vodafone Romania Foundation started building houses for needy families in 2007, when Vodafone employees renovated an abandoned building in Pitești, inhabited by 11 families. In 2008, the Vodafone Romania Foundation built 10 houses for poor families in Cluj and in 2009 it supported financially and with volunteers the construction of 43 houses in Argeș, Bacău, Bihor, Cluj-Napoca, Dolj, Neamț, Prahova, Timiș and Suceava.

A year later, the construction site was moved to Moldavia, where the families affected by the 2010 floods were helped. During that period, the Vodafone Foundation renovated 80 houses in Bacău, Botoșani and Dorohoi and rebuilt a school for grades I-VIII affected by floods in the Ibănești Commune, Botoșani County.

In 2011, the Foundation built 9 other houses for poor families in Băltești (Prahova), thus laying the foundations of an entire community, whose members live today in decent homes.

In 2012, the Vodafone Romania Foundation built 4 houses in Cristian, Brașov County, and 4 other houses in Preajba, Dolj County.

With the help of 300 volunteers, in 2013, 4 other families from Brașov received housing in the locality Cristian, leading to the formation of a mini-neighbourhood in Cristian, a community made up of 8 families with 18 children who received a home and a chance to a decent and happy childhood.

In 2015, more than 400 employees of Vodafone Romania participated as volunteers in a house construction project for four disadvantaged families in the locality Cristian, Brașov County.