Doctors’ Caravan

Partner: The Caravana cu Medici Association
Beneficiaries: Adults and children from less-favoured areas of the country
Location: National
Launch year: 2015 (December)
Budget: RON 351,103
Project objective: The provision of free medical services to adults and children in disadvantaged rural areas.


In rural Romania, there are areas where people do not even receive primary care and have no access to healthcare for economic or infrastructure reasons or simply because their physical state does not allow them to go to a hospital.


The organization of caravans taking place over two days (Saturday and Sunday), involving a multidisciplinary team (students, specialised doctor and residents), in which medical tests are performed for 150-250 people, adults and children.

All medical services are provided free of charge, by the action of doctors who have made from volunteering and helping people a real way of being.

The offered consultations and investigations are conducted in dedicated facilities, previously agreed in cooperation with local authorities.

Following examinations, medical letters are issued with the clinical and paraclinical balance result, as well as therapeutic recommendations to be followed under the guidance of the family physician.
The team of the project:

The team of each caravan consists of 30-40 students, specialised doctors and residents, all volunteers.


– 24 caravans (2 per locality) in the period December 2015 – December 2017
– an average of 200 consulted people/caravan
– precise and detailed tests
– detection and treatment of hepatitis B and C cases (we have a very high incidence in Romania)
– making an online/mobile application to centralize the results in digital format for an overview

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