EVA Facial Mouse

Location: National

Budget: 90.000 lei

Launched: 2018


Persons with disabilities (acquired by birth or by accident - amputees, patients with sclerosis, dystrophies, paralysis, etc.) who can not use their hands.

Purpose of the project:

Finding a solution to enable people with disabilities to acquire a certain independence and privacy.


There is a large number of disabled persons condemned to an often isolated life. They depend on their relatives for daily activities and have no independence, no moment of intimacy. These people tend to look for other people with the same diagnosis with whom they can socialize.


EVA Facial Mouse, a free app that facilitates people with disabilities to navigate on different Android devices.

How it works?

The application uses the front camera of the device to capture the face of the utilizer (it is positioned in front of the face on a support, approximately 30 cm away). It reads the face mimic of the user and allows him or her to control the pointer on the screen.


  • People with disabilities can handle the phone or tablet by themselves (without the help of others): can call, send messages, browse the internet etc.
  • Access to Social Media / Socializing with other people.
  • Intimacy - there is no need for an intermediary to find information (maybe embarrassing) or to chat with another person. 


  • Many people are reluctant to give the app access to mobile phone features (camera, unlock, etc.) but without this access the app does not work.
  • The app runs on an Android 4.1 devices or higher, equipped with a front camera.
  • In order to be able to write with the application we suggest to use Google Keyboard.
  • Due to preexisting Android restrictions, currently, some features are not yet available. You can't use the camera for pictures. You can't take incoming calls in some devices. Most games don't work. Applications such as Maps, Earth, Gallery and web browsers work with limitations.

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EVA Facial Mouse

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