The Adults’ Reserve for Life Fund

de: Fundaţia Vodafone România June 14, 2019

Partner: M.A.M.E. Association
Beneficiaries: Adult patients diagnosed with severe conditions
Location: National
Release year: 2014
Budget: 542.808 lei

Purpose of the project:

To provide advice and short SMS numbers for patients with serious illnesses that use the fundraising method to cover the costs of surgical interventions / medical treatments that can be performed ONLY abroad.

The problem:

Frequently, patients diagnosed with serious illness need costly treatments or surgeries that cannot be performed in Romania. Most patients are unable to support the costs of treatments and therefore address non-governmental organizations for sponsorship.

The solution:

Fundraising campaigns organized for covering the cost of the treatments. The M.A.E. manages the short numbers of SMS 8824 and 8826 for individual cases of adults who are suffering from serious illnesses and need medical interventions that cannot be performed in Romania. M.A.M.E. coordinates the requests for SMS campaigns (documents, consultants, monitoring, reports, etc.) and additionally provides advice and support for other types of fundraising.


The SMS donation mechanism offers a chance to life for patients who cannot be treated in the country. The project results for the period 2013 to 2018 are:

  • 800,000 euros were donated for abroad treatment of patients suffering from serious diseases;
  • 500,000 people were informed about the services offered by this project;
  • 400,000 SMSs have been sent by donors, mobile network subscribers;
  • 1,023 people have been provided with information and guidance on access to social and medical services from home and abroad;
  • 300 patients benefited from financial support through sponsorships offered by companies;
  • 47 patients with severe illness benefited from an SMS number for fundraising;
  • 25 patients with severe illness benefited from redirecting amounts unused by beneficiaries of SMS fundraising campaigns.

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