Intelligent recovery through technology

Partner: Fundația Motivation România
Beneficiaries: 154 persons with mobility and other mobility-related disabilities, with precarious financial means
Location: Clinceni, Ilfov County and Sibiu
Launch year: 2015
Budget: 125,418 lei


According to the statistics published by the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection and the Elderly on December 12. 2012, there are a total of 710,179 persons with disabilities in Romania. Of these, 153,147 are people with physical disabilities, including medullar injuries and other mobility-related impairments. Due to the nature of their disability, these people often have a poor health condition, being exposed to the risk of developing medical complications that, if not properly addressed, can become life-threatening. In order to stay healthy and live a normal life, these people need permanent access to appropriate medical services.

Two of the medical fields that influence decisively the quality of life of the persons with motor disabilities are the health rehabilitation services and the urological medical services. While in the case of medical rehabilitation services we are dealing with giving the disabled the chance to recover their full mobility and become as independent as possible, in the case of urological services the challenge is to protect them against developing health complications that can even lead to their death. Urological disorders are one of the major side-effects in people with reduced mobility.

Despite the urgent need for access to these types of medical services of the people with reduced mobility, the data available shows that such access is still difficult due either to the lack of availability of health rehabilitation services (e.g. a patient has to wait for 11.8 weeks in average before he/she has access to the services of a pysiotherapist) or to the high costs involved . Moreover, patient are reluctant to seeking medical treatment in recovery centers, due to its repetitive nature of the procedures and to the discomfort and pain that they experience sometimes during the recovery.

As for the access to urological services, although their availability can be considered optimal, the high cost of such access remains, in addition to lack of awareness, one of the reasons why in low-income countries secondary health conditions, including urological ones, continue to be the main cause of premature death in persons with motor disabilities.

The Solution

Through MIRA games, patients / beneficiaries are motivated to seek recovery treatment.

In order to resolve these problems, Fundația Motivation România offers through this project free access to medical recovery services, consisting of diagnosis of the urinary system functions for approximately 150 persons with motor disabilities and precarious living means.

The objectives of the project are:

1. Facilitate access to proper and effective medical recovery of people with medullar lesions and other motor disabilities, by purchasing an innovative technology based on the MIRA game recovery concept (strengthening muscles, increasing flexibility and even regaining the functionality of certain parts of the body). Encouraging the use of this system in the recovery centers in Romania through practical demonstrations conducted in 5 such centers and by promoting and testing the system among the new Motivation beneficiaries (approximately 40 people identified during the Mobility Caravan 2015). Installing the system in two of the Motivation Independent Living Centers at regional level.
2. Facilitate access to proper and efficient diagnosis of urinary tract infections for patients with motor disabilities and other mobility-related impairments in the Bucharest – Ilfov area by updating the urodynamics system (purchasing software and consumables) owned by the Motivation Foundation since 2003 and currently in use at the Independent Living Center in Bragadiru, Ilfov County.


Implementation of this project will improve the health of people with medullar lesions (ML) and other motor disabilities in the country, following the use of innovative technological systems for medical recovery and effective diagnosis of disorders of the urinary tract, which is one of the main systems of the human body affected by medical complications in persons with reduced mobility.
• 104 people with ML and other motor disabilities and with poor living conditions participate in medical recovery programs, benefiting from the MIRA system installed in two of the Motivation Foundation’s Independent Living Centers at regional level.
• 50 people with ML and other motor disabilities and with poor living conditions benefit from advanced urologic system diagnosis technology by means of the urodynamic device located at the Motivation Independent Living Center in Bragadiru, Ilfov.
• Presentation of the MIRA system in 5 recovery centers at regional level, in order to encourage them to include the system in their portfolio of recovery services. These centers are: “Filantropia” Clinical Hospital in Bucharest, Mangalia Municipal Hospital – Traumatologic, Vertebro-Medullary and Neuromotor Recovery Department, “Sofianu” Recovery Hospital in Râmnicu Vâlcea, “Bagdasar-Arseni” Emergency Clinical Hospital in Bucharest and the Arnsberg Center in Alba Iulia.
• 40 new beneficiaries identified during the Mobility Caravan 2015 are now familiar with the benefits of the MIRA system, as a result of its promotion and testing.