Investiție în Mediul Rural

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Investment in Rural Areas

Almost half of Romania's population lives in rural areas, often under extremely difficult conditions. We refer to children living in remote areas and traveling by foot for hours in order to get to school. Old people left behind, alone, with no one to care for them. And people for whom access to drinking water or heating is a luxury. Or those who live in harsh conditions, without the prospect of a job or hope for the future. More than half of Romanian children live in poverty, and 74% of them live in extreme poverty, which limits their right to growth and normal physical development. Studies show that 225,000 of Romanian children go to bed on an empty stomach. 1 The poverty they face (famine, cold, lack of electricity, etc.)

compels them to handle domestic responsibilities, do agricultural work, and therefore, most of them stop going school. In the last years, Romania has been at the top of the European Union in terms of school dropout. Moreover, rates and the number of rural students dropping out of school increases year to year...2 Dozens of schools, kindergartens, libraries and local associations have no infrastructure or financial strength to provide children with access to education, a fundamental right. Children do not have benches, chairs, cabinets, heat, running water, toilets or teaching material. The Strategic Program "Investment in Rural Environment" wants to bring normality and decency in their lives.


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