Programe strategice

School in a Box

The project puts in focus the rural area education and its teachers and students from 10 schools, with primary and secondary level. The list of beneficiaries is extended to volunteers from several companies and institutions, who are involved in the projects’ activities, and children and adults from the rural communities and the large public.

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Renovation of the local blood transfusion centres

Blood donation is sometimes the easiest way to save a human life. Therefore we considered to invest in a network that eases the gesture of those who are willing to donate. The renovation and endowment of 18 blood transfusion centers throughout Romania provides modern facilities fitted with European standard equipment for 200,000 blood donors, motivating them to return to the centers.

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Reconstruction and modernization of the Constanța County Hospital Newborn Intensive Care Unit

Infant mortality rate in the South of Romania is the highest in the country and three times as high as the European average. The Neonatology Department in Constanța County Hospital treats over 1,000 new-born babies per year from Constanța as well as three neighbouring counties from the South-Eastern part of Romania, i.e. Tulcea, Ialomița and Călărași. The hospital has never been refurbished since 1968, the year it was built.Two thirds of the yearly admitted new born need intensive care.There are always 15-20 patients under care in the department, though the ICU can only accommodate eight hospital beds and conditions are dreadful. Other 350 patients are premature infants and hospital conditions are insufficient and inadequate for them too.

Starting 2016, the Vodafone Romania Foundation has been supporting the refurbishment and endowment project in the New-born Intensive Care Unit of the Constanța County Hospital, by matching the amounts collected in the fundraising campaigns run by Inima Copiilor and Dăruiește Aripi associations.

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Investment Programme for Rural Areas

Romania is an unevenly developed country, where the gap between rural areas and cities is still visible. Wishing to increase the access of Romanians in all areas to education, health and quality social services, we started a long-term programme designed to support the disadvantaged categories of people from villages and small towns in Romania and to contribute to the progress of these regions.

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Connecting for Good

We cannot imagine life without technology. It is part of our ”normality”. And for us it is more normal for technology to help us improve the lives of as many people as possible. For the children and adults suffering of serious diseases, the patients of transplant operations or those in rural areas, cut off from the world, or the people with impaired hearing and sight, we managed to make truly incredible things using technology.

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The development of a new neonatal intensive care unit for Marie Curie Children’s Hospital

Until November 2013, the neonatal intensive care unit from Marie Curie Hospital was able to treat and save only approximately 200 newborns and premature that were ill, or that had several malformations and traumas. The newborn mortality rate was the lowest that ever was in Romania, almost close to the European prestigious centers’ average, fact considered remarcable coming from a country that was at the top of the European infant mortality ranke. However, every year another 200 children’ right to therapy was denied because of the fact that the unit had only 11 beds and a 190 square meters surface, which was too small.

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