Raising Children Together

Partner: Mia’s Children
Beneficiaries: 40 children and young people from disadvantaged families, who are at major social risk
Location: Rosu Village, Ilfov
Launch Year: 2016 (December)
Budget: 112.112 RON


The large number of children at social and family risk calls for measures designed to include them in social programs and minimize the dramatic risks this category of children is exposed to in terms of school dropouts, inadequate family life, human trafficking, prostitution, alcohol and drugs abuse etc.


Mia’s Children Association has established the Mia’s Children day center and Mia’s Home residential center to help children in need to live a better life away from poverty, abuse, prostitution, abandonment and drugs.

The programs run by the Association provide these children every day with transportation to and from school, proper food, school supplies and clothing, healthcare and personal hygiene services, personal development, access to forms of education appropriate to their age and needs, counseling, homework assistance, PC courses, as well as painting, music, sports,  foreign languages ​​and theater classes.

Every child or young person included in these programs enjoys equal treatment, in accordance with the conclusions of the social survey conducted on them and based on identification of the child’s real needs, with the help of a licensed social worker and,  if necessary, of a legal counsel.

The sustained efforts of  Mia’s Home residential center help all the children and young people who are beneficiaries of the association’s programs to reach a point where they can support themselves, cease their dependence on welfare and learn how to earn their living and become, in their turn, volunteers helping other people in need.


All of the 40 children and young people included in the project are equally benefiting from the programs, care and attention of the specialized personnel of the center and of the volunteers involved in running the project.

Lat but not least, children are supported to achieve excellence in music, painting, dance, sports, literature, mathematics, science, foreign language and theatric performance.