Letters to Santa Clause

Beneficiaries: children from daycare and foster care centers
Location: national
Launching year: 2010
Budget: RON 880,000 lei

Project purpose:

Giving Christmas gifts to children from underprivileged environments.


Hundreds of children from foster care centers and underprivileged families do not have the sufficient means during the winter holidays to receive any Christmas presents.


A team of entertainers led by the Santa Claus’ Elf visits at the end of each year the daycare and foster care centers throughout the country and, in a fairytale like atmosphere, children express their wishes in colorful and hopeful letters, which are then handed over by the Elf to the volunteers, Santa’s trusted helpers.

The volunteers pick the letters, go shopping on Santa’s behalf and are careful to fill the generous old man’s sack with all the presents that the children wished for: winter clothing and boots, backpacks and school supplies, sweets, rollerblades, remote controlled cars, princess and superhero costumes, painting kits, fishing rods, toy laptops, trumpets and gifts for their little brothers.

In 2016, we chose to expand this project and encourage the involvement of employees from other companies. We wish to take this opportunity to thank: Huawei Romania, OTP Bank Romania, Romanian Business Leaders, Republică and Next Adverstising

Cumulated results 2010 – present:
2,100 children
77 organizations
2,178 volunteers