Technology-based Virtual Reality Therapies

Project: “Connection for Caring and Compassion”
Partner: HOSPICE Casa Speranței Foundation
Beneficiaries: Children with incurable illnesses and their parents
Location: Bucharest, Brașov
Launch Year: 2017
Budget: 585,000 lei

The Problem:

For children with incurable diseases, therapies based on virtual reality are more attractive and more effective than classic therapies.

The Solution:

The provision of two Tech Rooms equipped with state-of-the-art IT and mobile technologies, here children engage in game and motion therapy sessions and online educational sessions.


More than 100 child patients and more than 100 members of their families were provided with complex multidisciplinary services as follows:
411 therapy sessions based on virtual reality technologies and augmented reality;
912 game and motion therapy sessions;
85 online educational sessions for children;
1,297 “classical” educational and counselling sessions for members of the beneficiary families;
4,437 respite care admission episodes;
2,564 kinetic therapy sessions;
313 socio-educational and respite care events, giving family members free time to solve other problems or to recover their forces.