Technology for Children with Autism

Project: “Connecting for Children with Autism”
Partner: Help Autism Association
Beneficiaries: Children with autism, psychotherapists and coaches
Location: Bucharest, Ilfov and Suceava
Launch Year: 2017
Budget: 315,000 lei

The Problem:

The lack of a system enabling easy access of parents and specialists to the medical, recovery, evaluation and re-evaluation records of the children with autism.

The Solution:

Develop an integrated mobile application to allow children with autism to be monitored in real time during their therapy and rehabilitation process and to facilitate the interconnection among the members of the physician – psychologist – social worker – parent – educator multidisciplinary team.


The application, developed to helps psychotherapists in their recovery of children with autism;
By June 2018, over 300 children, 300 parents and 47 specialists involved in the evaluation, therapy and recovery process were registered on the platform.