Technology for Children with Diabetes 3

Project: ”Telemedicine Centre for Paediatric Diabetes”
Partner: Support for Diabetes Association
Beneficiaries: Children with T1D, insulin-dependent
Location: National
Launch Year: 2017
Budget: 270,160 lei

Project Purpose:

Establishing the first telemedicine center in Romania managing insulin-dependent children from across the country, and in particular for those living in technologically and medically disadvantaged areas.

The Problem:

The life of a child with insulin-dependent diabetes may depend on the timely detection of dangerous blood glucose variations and on the prevention of major glycaemic emergencies. This involves at least 4-5 daily insulin injections as well as multiple blood glucose measurements before each injection, between meals, during playtime and during the night.

The Solution:

Establishment and endowment of the first “Telemedicine Center for Pediatric Diabetes” that provided over 150 insulin-dependent children from all over the country with blood glucose sensors.
The sensors measure the blood glucose levels of these children in real time. The children are continuously monitored via a platform accessible to both their physicians and their family members.


150 diabetic children benefited from high quality medical care;
50 out of 150 insulin-dependent children benefited from blood glucose sensors;
50 parents have acquired essential notions of diabetes management.