Technology for children with hearing impairment 2

Project: ”Hearing is a Gift. Do not ignore it! 2”
Partner: Smiling Faces Associations
Beneficiaries: Children with various hearing impairments or chronic ear diseases and their dependents
Location: National
Launch Year: 2017
Budget: 405,000 lei

Project Purpose:

Providing surgical treatment to children diagnosed with varying degrees of deafness.

The Problem:

Statistical data show that in Romania 3 out of 1,000 children are born deaf and that the age at which hearing loss in children is most frequently diagnosed ranges between 3 and 5 years.

With the start of the national “Newborn Hearing Screening Program”, whereby all babies born in public hospitals in Romania will benefit from free hearing check in their first month from their birth, we expect to see an important increase in the number of children diagnosed with hearing problems at national level.

The Solution:

The endowment of the Otolaryngology Department at Children’s Hospital Victor Gomoiu in Bucharest with advanced surgical equipment and the implementation of a technological solution that allows the remote supervision of complicated surgical interventions in the surgery room by a specialized surgeon located outside the hospital.


Rapid access to diagnosis and treatment of deafness for approximately 800 children from all over the country (these have been investigated as outpatient or continuously hospitalized for various suspicions of hearing impairment and / or chronic ear);

Over 450 of the children benefited from high-performance microscopic ear controls and over 88 children underwent surgical interventions within the operating block.

More than 1,500 family members (parents, grandparents, etc.) and pediatricians / family physicians / audiologists received information about hearing impairment and treatment.