Technology for Housebound Elderly

Project: ”Click SAVE for life!”
Partner: Community Support Foundation Bacău
Beneficiaries: almost or completely housebound elderly
Location: Bacău and Buhuși
Launch Year: 2017
Budget: 446,573 lei

The Problem:

According to statistics, Romania holds a leading position in Europe in terms of morbidity and mortality among people aged over 65 and people with chronic diseases. One in three people over the age of 65 is not able to communicate in a timely manner with specialists in case of critical situations requiring interventions.

Purpose of the project:

Provide tele-assistance and medical tele-monitoring service to streamline and improve home care and healthcare services.

The solution:

200 elderly people at medical risk were given telecommunication kits consisting of a telephone and a bracelet with an emergency button. With the help of the kits, in case of major medical emergencies or problems, the elderly can contact a medical team or care team in a timely manner.

Emergency calls are taken over by a 7/24/365 call-center, the reported cases are analyzed and selected using well-established medical protocols. Finally, the most suitable interventions are selected for the respective callers.


  • 1 24/7/365 functional call center
  • 1 general protocol of interventions
  • 200 individual kits (phone + bracelet with emergency button) for benefactors, 6 phones for the team of specialists, 3 laptops, 1 mobility car, 1 camera
  • 200 elders have improved their quality of life, with health interventions or social work and home care being provided more prompt, effective and tailored to the severity of the problems they face
  • Over 3,000 hours of information and telephone counseling provided by nurses and social workers
  • More than 2,000 home interventions
  • Over 2,000 calls from beneficiaries
  • 481 alert SMS received by specialists