Technology for Patients in Rural Area 2

Project: “Together for Health 2”
Partner: Ajutor Medical Profilaxis Foundation
Beneficiaries: Adults and elderly with chronic diseases and related complications
Location: Caraș-Severin (Bocșa) and Timiș (Ghilad, Buziaș, Sânnicolaul Mare and Deta)
Launch Year: 2017
Budget: 225,000 lei

The Problem:

According to the 2015 report on “The Health State of the Romanian Population”, statistical data show that:

– one in four people suffers from at least one chronic disease;
– 32% of the people aged 65+ experience difficulties in conducting their daily activities;
– most common medical affections for which the Romanian population is receiving medical treatment are the cardiovascular diseases: 51% of the 45-54 year old population, 62% of the 55-65 year old population, and 72% of the population over 65 years old.

In 2015 the National Society of Family Medicine reported a shortage of nearly 1,500 family MDs nationwide.

The Solution:

By means of the telemedicine solution we offered remote medical checks to patients living mostly in isolated rural areas, in the following medical specialties: cardiology, internal medicine, endocrinology, dermatology, ophthalmology and pulmonology.


700 adults and elderly suffering from chronic illnesses and derived complications benefited from over 1,300 free at distance consultations;
We have helped validate a telemedicine solution that can compensates for the lack of specialized physicians in rural areas and small town hospitals.