Technology helps senior citizens

Project: “Home alone with the mobile phone”
Partner: The Association Caritas Alba Iulia Asistență Medicală și Socială
Budget: RON 965,664
Beneficiaries: Senior citizens under home care
Location: Harghita, Mureș, Covasna, Hunedoara, Iași
Launched: 2012
Purpose of the project: Monitoring the health condition of senior citizens under home care

Senior citizens with ages between 60 and 90 living alone that do not have the possibility to ask for help in case of emergency situations.

Senior citizens received phones with panic buttons that can be used in emergency situations.
Caritas nurses received phones over which they are notified when the beneficiaries press the alarm button and therefore are able to respond promptly. They also have access to a free phone application to help them schedule home visits and enter specific remarks after each visit (time, place, name, services rendered to the beneficiaries).

– 523 senior citizens in the Harghita, Mureș, Covasna, Hunedoara, Iași counties with special mobile phones
– 380 nurses that answer emergency calls coming from the senior citizens