Technology for autistic children

Project: Search T.S.A.
Partner: Asociația Autism Baia-Mare
Beneficiaries: Children diagnosed with autism and their families
Location: National
Year of launch: 2015
Budget: 259,402 lei

Purpose of the project:

Improve medical, social and educational services for children with autism


5 years = the age at which children with autism were diagnosed, thus decreasing their chances of recovery
Zero official statistics of the number of children and people with autism in Romania


– Create a centralized database for the initial screening of children
– Implement a standardized platform for the evaluation of children with autism by psychologists
– Set up an autism helpline
– Create mobile applications to improve non-verbal communication and the skills of children with autism
– Develop a visual planning software

Resources and equipment:

– 1 project coordinator
– 1 coordinating psychologist
– 1 doctor in psychology
– 2 helpline operators


– 500 family doctors and 200 psychologists will use the database and the evaluation platform
– 1,000 families with an autistic or possibly autistic child will have access to applications
– 1 autism screening platform for family doctors
– 1 complex platform for autism evaluation
– visual planning software

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