Telemedicine for the insulin dependent child 1

Project: Telemedicine for insulin-dependent child
Partner: Asociația “Sprijin pentru diabet”
Beneficiaries: Children with insulin-dependent type 1 diabetes
Location: National
Year of launch: 2015
Budget: 804,150 lei

Purpose of the project:

Creating an innovative system for treating diabetes in children


The health care system does not support blood glucose monitoring costs. In Romania, there are very few clinics and limited resources devoted to treating children with diabetes. In addition, we are faced with lack of medical education and with reluctance to introducing innovative medical, technical or medication technologies.


Creating a system for the remote and real-time glucose monitoring, consisting of small-size, wireless devices, that can be accessed via web platforms, both by the family and by a healthcare professional.

Resources and equipment:

– 3 doctors
– 2 nurses
– 1 psychologist
– 15 insulin pumps & supplies for 11 months
– 40 blood glucose monitoring systems
– 40 telemedicine systems
– 1 server for data storing and integration
– 1 application for simultaneous patient monitoring and emergency prioritization
– 2 high resolution monitors


– 90 children with safe social and school integration
– 40 families enjoying good quality of life
– 15 occupationally reintegrated parents
– Continuous blood glucose level monitoring
– Zero hospitalizations due to diabetes as the main cause
– Zero hypoglycaemic or hyperglycaemic comas
– The chance to live a life without health complications for diabetic children and young people