Technology for epileptic children

Project: “Epilepsy can be cured”
Partner: The Association Neurocare
Beneficiaries: Patients of the Pediatric Neurology section of the Children’s Clinical Hospital Victor Gomoiu
Location: Bucharest
Launched: 2015
Budget: RON 598,541
Purpose of the project: Increasing the quality of life for children diagnosed with epilepsy by personalizing treatment using long-term electroencephalograph (EEG) monitoring.


A correct diagnosis for epilepsy requires a night sleep EEG, complementary to the light sleep but the existing EEG device does not allow recording during sleep


2 digital devices EEG wireless NicOne w32 and w64 (number of recording channels)


– Obtaining quality recordings without requiring the patient to remain lying down during the recording;
– Waking EEG on toddlers, very useful in diagnosing epilepsy at that age;
– More precise identification of the epileptic center, and the child can be sent for pre-surgical assessment for the excision of the focal area, a method that can lead to being cured;
– Personalized treatment, leading to increased quality of life for the child;
– Limiting the misdiagnosis of epilepsy and its social implications.