Technology for wound management

Project: “Technology for wound management”
Partner: The Association Caritas Alba Iulia Asistență Medicală și Socială
Beneficiaries: Persons inflicted with chronic wounds
Location: Harghita, Mureș, Covasna
Launched: 2015
Budget: RON 272,661
Purpose of the project: Ensuring treatment and special monitoring of wounds using mobile technology.


– 1 million persons in Romania suffer from chronic wounds.
– 2 specialists in wound treatment from the Association Caritas Alba Iulia Asistență Medicală și Socială only, and many patients that need home treatment and monitoring.
– Recognizing the wound as soon as it appears and a treatment that is adequate for the type of wound and its stage of development give the patient a better chance of healing.


Equipping the Association Caritas with tablets, which will be used by the nurses to contact wound treatment specialists. Nurses will be guided via phone with regard to treatment, relying on photographs provided for each individual patient.


– 14 nurses specialized in wound management
– 2 wound specialists

Outcomes: 216 beneficiaries