Technology for child neurosurgery

Project: Equipping the Neurosurgery Department at the Marie Curie Children’s Emergency Clinical Hospital
Partner: Asociația Inima Copiilor
Beneficiaries: Children hospitalized with the neurosurgery department of the Marie Curie Hospital
Location: Bucharest
Year of Launch: 2015
Budget: 1,097,459 lei

Purpose of the project:

Increasing the precision of surgical procedures in children


The neurosurgery department of the Marie Curie Children’s Hospital is most likely the best of its kind in Romania. The department is currently equipped with a high-tech surgery room and a high-performance neurosurgery microscope. However, to improve the quality of the medical treatment and the patient’s treatment conditions, one of the most advanced neuro-navigation technologies is required to be deployed, which is capable to decrease the dimensions of the surgical incisions , shorten the operating time and avoid injury to motor nerves during surgery.


Purchase of modern equipment: neuronavigation system (displays on a monitor 3D images of cranio-cerebral structures); electrophysiology monitoring system (warns the surgeon when he touches healthy nerve structures); endoscopy column (for the treatment of children suffering from hydrocephalus)


– Shorter surgery time
– Lower incidence of postoperative neuromotor sequelae
– High precision in locating a tumour = precision below 1 mm
– 83 children benefiting from the program:
– 32 – neuronavigation systems
– 12 – electrophysiology systems
– 39 – Endoscope systems

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