Technology for transplant surgery

Project: Computerization of the Transplant Centre at St. Mary’s Hospital in Bucharest and facilitation of fast communication among physicians
Partner: Asociația Dăruiește Viață
Beneficiaries: Patients and physicians involved in transplantation and extensive surgery from St. Mary’s Hospital in Bucharest
Location: Bucharest
Year of launch: 2015
Budget: 495,000 lei

Purpose of the project:

Establish a system for communication among medical team members during surgery


The number of centres financed from the state budget for the use of harvested organs should increase. St. Mary’s Hospital in Bucharest is the second centre in Romania after the Fundeni Clinical Institute where liver transplantation is performed. Physicians involved in transplantation need modern techniques to communicate effectively and patients need to receive quick responses when looking for persons who are compatible with the organs harvested.


Developing a system that allows communication among all those involved in the process. Equipping the medical team members with tablets, so as to enable their remote access to medical data


– The highest increase rate for organ transplantation in the European Union
– 18 doctors, surgeons and anaesthetists benefiting from the IT system services
– 1,670 surgeries
– 9 liver transplantations

Resources and equipment:

– CS Vue Pacs software
– Dell Rack Server
– Lenovo Storage Server
– USO 2700 VA Rack
– Apple Ipad Air tablets