Technology for Patients in Rural Area 1

Project: “Together for Health 1”
Partner: The Medical Aid Foundation Profilaxis
Beneficiaries: Persons with health problems in the rural areas
Location: Timiș and Caraș-Severin
Launched: 2015
Budget: RON 420,075
Purpose of the project: Developing a telemedicine solution in the Timiș and Caraș – Severin counties, for patients with chronic illnesses, and with other pathologies, from rural areas.


– 2/3 of the total cost of health services = costs generated by chronic illnesses
– 80% of such illnesses could be prevented
The absence of accessible medical services and the effort involved in travelling make many persons from rural areas unable to afford preventative analyses to preserve their state of health.


Establishing a telemedicine center for the diagnosis and prevention of chronic illnesses and other pathologies in Timișoara.

3 local diagnosis centers, in 3 isolated settlements in the Timiș and Caraș-Severin counties.


– 12 persons: project coordinator, project assistant, e-health consultant, IT consultant, accountant and 7 specialist physicians.
– laptop, desktop, fixed printer, portable printer, portable echography machine with 3 probes: for cardiology, endocrinology and internal investigations, stethoscope, EKG, combo station for ophthalmological-dermatological-ORL investigations, spirometer, audiometer
– all medical investigation equipment is portable and connects to the laptop via USB.


– 1 central/fixed station + 3 peripheral/mobile stations make up a functional remote examination system
– 420 patients with chronic illnesses in the 3 rural locations will be examined and monitored
– 1,600 medical visits via telemedicine solutions in: cardiology, internal medicine, endocrinology, pneumology, ophthalmology, dermatology and ORL.

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