Technology for hearing and speech impaired persones

Project: SOS deaf-mute
Partner: Asociația Samaritenilor din Romania
Beneficiaries: People with hearing and speech deficiencies who need help in emergency situations
Location: Mureș, Oradea, Arad, Brăila, Iași, București, Constanța, Satu-Mare, Sălaj, Timișoara, Bacău, Sibiu, Neamț, Călărași, Tulcea, Botoșani and Suceava
Year of launch: 2014
Budget: 333,088 lei

Purpose of the project:

Establishing a real-time communication and warning system that assures the autonomy of people with hearing and speech deficiencies, facilitating the call for emergency assistance by sending out predefined generic messages.


In the absence of a mimic-textual interpreter, people with hearing and speech deficiencies are unable to ask for emergency assistance.


Develop a real-time communication and warning system, by which people with hearing and speech impairment can ask for help. The “SOS Deaf-Mute” application allows the sending out of predefined messages containing vital information for the user’s health to the dispatcher.

Dedicated to a total of 21,000 deaf people in Romania, the project is designed exclusively for this category of individuals. Each of these deaf persons may benefit from the application that is specially developed for deaf people, by filling in a form by which he or she agrees with the installation of the application on his or her own phone and via which the family doctor can certify the chronic illnesses the beneficiary suffers from, including certification of the handicap that includes the respective beneficiary in this category. The form is made available by the County Branch of the Romanian Deaf Association to which each deaf person belongs.

Resources and equipment:

– 40 subsidiaries of the National Deaf Association in Romania
– 5 volunteers involved in the association’s activities
– 600 smart phones
– 8 desktop computers
– 2 tablets


– 30 lives saved
– 3,760 incoming calls from people with hearing impairment
– 855 interventions by rescue crews
– 710 beneficiaries with hearing impairment