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Project: ”Call Center for persons with spine injuries in Romania”
Partner: The Foundation Motivation Romania
Beneficiaries: Patients with spine injuries
Location: National
Budget: RON 210,500
Launched: 2014
Purpose of the project: Access to all information that persons with spine injuries would need to regain their personal independence.


In Romania, persons that suffer a spine injury receive only medical care during the post-traumatic stage, and no support for emotional recovery or for rebuilding their lives.


Creating an emergency Call Center for persons with spine injuries in Romania.
This would allow them and their family to have quick access to all the relevant information after the accident.

Telephones = for the beneficiaries, to ask for help from the Motivation Foundation
Tablets = for representatives of the partner hospitals, in order to centralize the data of patients with spine injuries.

Resources and equipment:

– 1 project coordinator
– 28 volunteers in announcement points
– 10 doctors from 10 hospitals
– 16 tablets with internet connection, devices used by 16 teams to direct the newly identified persons to the call center


– 280 persons with medullar injuries in the entire country identified and directed to the call center
– 160 persons (out of the 280) received products and services offered as part of other Motivation projects (wheelchair, urinary management products, accessibility advice)