Technology for medical advice by phone

Project: PEDITEL 1791 – Non-stop over-the-phone emergency and medical advice for children
Partner: Fundația Părinți din Romania
Beneficiaries: Children and parents who need medical advice
Location: National
Year of launch: 2013
Budget: 742,302 lei

Purpose of the project:

Provide medical advice to parents


The overcrowding of the emergency rooms of the Emergency Units and paediatric departments.
Long waiting time for patients.
Parents treating their children by resorting to medically-unauthorised sources, thus jeopardizing children’s health.


PEDITEL service, a 24 hours /7 days call centre, providing paediatric medical advice, available at number 1791.
PEDITEL helps parents who need advice from a paediatrician / emergency doctor.
Medical assistance provided by professionals and safe medical advice for children.


– 46,538 cases resolved
– 51 incoming calls per day on average
– 6.5 minutes average call duration
– 30% of cases reported are from rural areas


– 11 doctors
– 1 project coordinator
– 14 volunteers specialised in IT and communication
– 26 medical protocols
– 1 dedicated medical software
– 1 VOIP telephone exchange

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