Technology for healthier athletes

Project: “Healthy Special Olympics Athletes”
Partner: Foundation Special Olympics Romania
Beneficiaries: Mentally disabled youths
Location: National
Launched: 2012
Budget: RON 310,859
Purpose of the project: Monitoring the health condition of mentally disabled youths that take part in athletic competitions organized by the Foundation Special Olympics Romania.

With the occasion of each athletic competition organized by the Foundation Special Olympics Romania, disabled athletes require medical consultations and recommendations from a group of specialists.

Athletes are helped to monitor their health by volunteers of the Foundation Special Olympics Romania. Volunteers use tablets to enter information about the athletes’ health into the mobile application. This is where their electronic sheets and medical recommendations will be kept. Athletes are also notified by SMS regarding the medical advice they need to follow.

412 volunteers
71 tablets
100 medical specialists involved as volunteers


– 861 de beneficiares aged around 20, from 31 counties
– 25 – 40%: response rate to the reminder messages
– 7 athletic events: Local, Regional and National Games organized in Bucharest, Craiova, Piatra-Neamț, Oradea, Câmpina, Buzău