Technology for senior citizens

Project: “Telephone Line for the Elderly”
Partner: Fundația Principesa Margareta a României (Romania)
Beneficiaries: Elderly living alone
Location: National
Year of launch: 2015
Budget: 308,610 lei


Romanians aged 65+ suffer not only from various health problems, but also from loneliness and limited access to information


A free of charge and confidential telephone line, providing useful information and moral support to the elderly in Romania


– 4 people dedicated to the project
– Equipment (hardware and software):
– Free line for calls
– Devices and related components for the call canter
– CRM call centre
– Laptops
– Multifunction printer


– 35 volunteers involved
– 2,420 callers
– 11,447 interactions (incoming and outgoing calls)
– 15 connected communities across the country
– 322 friendships enabled by regular recalls
– 1,732 hours of loneliness comforted